The VRTK Mission

VRTK is a collection of useful, reusable solutions to common problems found when building for virtual reality. VRTK aims to help productivity by speeding up the creation process from prototyping ideas to building complete solutions.

The passion behind VRTK is to try and enable as many people as possible to build for VR, from seasoned developers to complete beginners who have a wonderful idea in their head but are unsure of how to create it. VRTK aims to be easy to understand so the absolute beginner can feel comfortable turning their creative thoughts into experiences but it also has enough power and flexibility to allow developers to really build out their perfect solution with little friction and without constantly re-inventing the wheel.

Virtual reality is a relatively new medium so no one really understands what truly works or what doesn't work in terms of solutions, so VRTK aims to bring a community of diverse people from all across the world together to work on solving these problems and to rapidly evolve the way in how VR is catered for.



VRTK is available to download, for free at the following places.

GitHub Site


The GitHub organization page is the home of all the Extend Reality packages including the VRTK farmyard example. The GitHub repositories have the latest features and updates. You can even fork the repo, make changes, new features and contribute back.

visit github

Tilia Packages

VRTK v4 is made up of a collection of independent feature packages known as Tilia packages. If you want to cherry pick the right functionality for your needs, then visit the Tilia packages site to see what's available and view their documentation.

visit tilia packages
Tilia Packages Site
Unity 3D Logo

Unity Asset Store

The official releases for VRTK can also be downloaded straight into the Unity3d software via the Unity Asset Store. This is the easiest way to get VRTK into a Unity3d project and get building as soon as possible.

visit unity asset store


If you want to learn how to use VRTK or require some help then check out the below resources.


If video tutorials are more your thing, then the VRTK YouTube channel is packed full of helpful guides on how to create a wide variety of VR related goodness. Regular livestreams also allow the community to get questions answered from the VRTK team.

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Discord Logo


The heart of the VRTK community is the discord channel. Full of helpful people from all over the world chatting about all aspects of VR development and how to best use VRTK to build stuff easier and quicker. This is the first port of call if you get stuck on anything.

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If you'd like to help out with VRTK and support us in our mission or just want to keep up with the goings on then check out the below resources.


The purpose of the VRTK Patreon is to generate revenue via patron pledges to fund the creation of educational content forming the curriculum of the VRTK Academy. There are multiple tiers of pledge that can be supported to allow those who want and can to give a little towards making VRTK even better.

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Straight from the minds of the VRTK team. Regular blog posts with news, ideas, quick helpful hints and tips or just general ramblings. There may be something a bit too obscure for the general help guides living inside here.

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